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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Heads Together Mental Health Awareness Broadcast

David Tennant Explains Where He Got the TARDIS in His Backyard

David Tennant has been beyond busy these past few months, including filming a TV series from his home, opposite Good Omens co-star Michael Sheen. The two play furloughed actors in the web series called Staged.  When the first episode aired, viewers noticed something out of the ordinary in Tennant’s backyard. A TARDIS! It’s not that […]


LISTEN: David Tennant Impersonates the TARDIS

No, no, David Tennant did not paint himself in blue and stand stick still holding a police box sign (but we do enjoy the mental image.) When we say he impersonated the TARDIS, Tennant attempts to make the sounds heard during takeoff and landing. If you need a quick reminder, here’s what the actual TARDIS […]


Meet the Fan Behind Comic-Con’s Flying TARDIS

Doctor Who‘s TARDIS was ubiquitous at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, inspiring fan art and even some runway-ready couture. But eagle-eyed attendees may have spotted the ever-recognizable blue box swooping through the trees behind the Convention Center during the event. The flight of the TARDIS was the handiwork of Otto Dieffenbach III, marketing director for […]

John Smith’s ‘Dematerialisation’

WATCH: Amazing Fan-Made Clip of the TARDIS in Flight

As we have already taken our hats off to the Whovian YouTubery of John Smith, most notably when he made the Twelfth Doctor promo Rain, and the tense Weeping Angels short film Stone, we’re going to all have to put them back on again, just so we can doff them in his direction once more. […]

A TARDIS toilet (Pic: BBC)

TARDIS Toilet Appears Outside a Bristol Cafe

Warmley’s Waiting Room Café in South Gloucestershire did not need to build a TARDIS restroom in order to be a charming place to take a pot of something warm and wet on a blustery afternoon. Located in a former railway station waiting room, which now faces a cycle path between Bristol and Bath, this establishment […]


‘Doctor Who’ – Why is the TARDIS Set So Iconic?

There are two designs that the team behind Doctor Who got absolutely right from the very start, that continue to work in the same way—with relatively minor alterations—as they always have. One is the Daleks, and the other is the TARDIS interior. As we head towards the broadcast of An Adventure In Space and Time, […]

The Tardis Room

10 British Things About Portland, OR

While the IFC series Portlandia might blow the life and culture in Portland, OR a tad out of proportion, there is the saying, “There’s always a little truth to a joke.” Portland embraces its uniqueness; proudly supporting local artists, local coffee, local breweries, local scenery … do you see a theme? In addition to all the […]

Politics: Voting 1960

Snapshot: 25 Photos of 1960s London

The Sixties was such a creative time in London with Beatlemania raging, Ian Fleming‘s James Bond making it to the big screen in 1962 and the first episode of Doctor Who airing in 1963. Have you ever wondered what it was like living in London during the 1960s? This photo album walks you through the streets […]

TARDIS console

The First TARDIS, Recreated

For fans who grew up with Doctor Who, there is a primal charge to seeing a image like this: that hexagonal console set against the wall of circles, only in full color and positively glowing with now – a relic from the forward-looking past and a portal back into what, in 1963, felt very much […]


10 Great TARDIS Moments from ‘Doctor Who’

This weekend – Saturday at 8/7c on BBCAMERICA – we get to have a proper rummage around in the bowels of the TARDIS, in the Doctor Who adventure that is helpfully titled Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS. Which has, of course, prompted a whole series of discussions debating the relative worth of previous […]

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