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A beach, awaiting summer songs (Photo: Desiree Martin/Getty Images)

What Should Be 2016’s Song of the Summer?

Everyone has different expectations from their summer. Some people like to sunbathe, others prefer a spot of relaxing reading under a shady tree. Some look forward to late night parties, and others prefer a quiet drink on a warm evening. Finding a single fresh new song that can suit all eventualities is a fool’s errand, […]


Who Were the British Versions of Your Favorite Boybands?

There’s no love as profound or as abiding as a first love. This is the secret fuel that keeps the engine of pop music ticking along, and it is not to be derided. Boybands know this, and they also know that the trick to a truly lasting appeal (and this has been true since the […]


5 Vintage British Things That Made a Comeback

Just for the sake of variety, let’s take Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes as read, and see what else we can find, shall we? The Cornish Language The Cornish people spoke a Celtic language called Kernowek (or Kernewek), which shares a similar root to that of Welsh and Breton. Despite having effectively died out as […]

Brit List: Five Great British Pop Acts Who’ve Hit The Comeback Trail

Say it quietly, whisper it among yourselves, but British pop music really does seem to be making significant inroads into American culture again, does it not? What with One Direction doing their boyband thing and of course Adele’s colossal reign of enormous magnificence, it feels a little early to be talking about invasions, but maybe, […]

Catherine Tate and the Pop Star She Dates

Before we start, let me just say this: elements of this story are a little odd. If you stop to think about them, you’ll get left behind and no one is going to come back and get you, so please, please try and stick together people, OK? Right, so it’s all across the Sun today […]

Celebrating 20 Years Of ‘Nevermind’ With…THIS!

Next month is the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s globe-changing ‘Nevermind’ album. That’s 20 years since hair metal lost its rebel cool, 20 years of alt-rock rule, and 20 years of people jumping into swimming pools with waterproof cameras to pretend to be the baby in the album cover. There are lots of plans to celebrate […]

News Roundup: Get Ready to Tour Hogwarts, and Radiohead Sets ‘SNL’ Date

Harry Potter fans, do you fancy a stroll around Hogwarts? You DO? Well you may be in luck. Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, where all eight films were made, is setting up a tour around some of their best loved sets, called “The Making of Harry Potter.” Locations include the great hall at Hogwarts and Dumbledore’s […]

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