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Articles Tagged 'Supergrass'


Own Up! Who Stole Young Master Radiohead’s Beer?

An image like this raises a lot of questions. Here are just a few, and then some sensible answers: Is that… is that RADIOHEAD? Yep. That’s Thom and Phil and Ed and Colin from Radiohead, sharing an invisible pint, back when they were at Abingdon School in Oxfordshire. Where’s Jonny? Jonny Greenwood, brother of Colin, […]

Five Great British Songs About Coppers, For ‘Copper’

This Sunday (August 19, at 10/9c) sees the premiere of BBC America’s hottest new show, the police drama Copper. So, to warm you up for a little bit of 1800s criminal action, here are five songs from the other side of the Atlantic, and the wrong side of the law: “Police and Thieves” by the […]

Another Britpop Band Calls It Quits: Supergrass

Just months after Oasis came to their bitter end, you can throw another body on the ole funeral pyre – the boys of Supergrass have announced that the band is splitting after 17 years. Their most famous tracks – “Caught By the Fuzz,” “Mansize Rooster,” “Lenny,” “Pumping On Your Stereo,” and, of course, “Alright” – […]