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Articles Tagged 'Sunday roast'

The Sunday Toast

Sunday Roast in a Bottle

We recently talked about a traditional Christmas English dinner found in a tin can and now it seems there’s a seasonal Welsh beer that is expected to smell and taste like a Roast dinner, reports the U.K. Express. Conwy Brewery, located in Llysfaen, Conwy, North Wales, brings us the Victorian style porter, aptly named the […]

Food Truck, FINAL

10 British Things About L.A.

New York City isn’t the only U.S. city all Britished up. You hear Brits talk about the sun a lot, well, the lack of sun in ol’ Blighty. So, it’s not a surprise that a lot of British expats land on the West Coast. Here’s 10 British Things About L.A.: 1. 7th Annual Brit Week […]