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Articles Tagged 'Sue Vertue'

Toby Whithouse

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: What Day is It?

Welcome to Doctor Who’s Day, a weekly roundup of everything the internet has to offer on the subject of Doctor Who, from the most breathtaking fan tributes on social media… …to the grandest of official events, such as the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular; an evening of orchestral bliss devoted to the music of Murray […]


Steven Moffat Hails Record-Breaking Gathering of Sherlocks

Here’s a delightful thing that happened over the weekend. There was an attempt to gather the most Sherlock Holmeses in one place at the same time, in order to break the world record for simultaneous Sherlocks, and raise funds for the Yorkshire Brain Research Centre at St James’ Hospital, Leeds. So on Sunday (August 31), […]

Lars Mikkelsen

Gaze Into The Face Of ‘Sherlock’s Latest Nemesis

If you’re thinking “hang on just a cotton-picking minute, isn’t that Lars Mikkelsen, from out of the original series of The Killing?” you’re absolutely right. The Danish star as just been confirmed by Sue Vertue, executive producer of Sherlock, as the snippy detective’s “new nemesis” – Charles Augustus Magnussen. Although proper details are currently hazy […]

Benedict Cumberbatch and friend

WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Amazing Video For Comic-Con

This might be the very best thing to have emerged in a week of very good things indeed. As we reported yesterday, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch were unable to attend the Sherlock panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, due to filming commitments elsewhere, so they each sent in a video clip. Martin’s is […]


‘Sherlock’ Comic-Con Panel Recap: Season 3 Teases

If you expected Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue to give up the goods on how Sherlock survived his multi-story plummet in Season 2’s finale, I have a skyscraper in London to sell you. During their first-ever panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday (July 18), the trio were predictably coy about the plot […]


Five Questions You Should Definitely Ask Steven Moffat At Comic-Con

It’s just been confirmed that Team Sherlock will be attending San Diego Comic-Con this month. Sadly – and I do hate to break the news this brutally – this does not include Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman, probably because Benedict has a further umpteenty-neuf projects to complete in the next hour, or something. However, Steven […]

Benedict Cumberbatch in Speedy’s Cafe

PHOTO: Breakfast With Benedict

I know we’re not supposed to be showing anything spoilery about the filming of the next series of Sherlock, at the express request of the show’s producer, Sue Vertue, but I’m sure this doesn’t count. See this? That’s Benedict Cumberbatch – of Star Trek Into Darkness fame – drinking a swift cuppa yesterday morning, in […]

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