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10 Actors Who’ve Spoofed Themselves on Film or TV

“I used to be super famous.” So says Jean-Claude Van Damme, who takes on his most challenging role yet in Jean-Claude Van Johnson: himself. The new show premieres in full on Amazon Prime today (Friday 15 December), and promises to reveal a whole new side to the “Muscles from Brussels” as he turns to covert black-ops […]

The SHOWTIME Premiere Of The Original Comedy Series “HAPPYish”

Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd Play Married Couple in ‘An Ideal Home’

Steve Coogan (Philomena) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) are paired up to star in the upcoming dramedy An Ideal Home, reports the Hollywood Reporter. Their characters are married to each other, with Coogan portraying a celebrity and Rudd’s character described as the “more hesitant” of the two. It’s not exactly clear what that means: but it might be […]

Steve Coogan (Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images)

Steve Coogan at 50: Five Great Roles to Watch Online

In Britain, Steve Coogan is rightly hailed as an innovative comic genius on a par with John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson and Ricky Gervais. If he chose to retire right now, he’d still be mentally carried around at shoulder height for the next 100 years, and he will eventually become the subject of future folk songs. […]

Alan Rickman (Photo: Tristan Fewings / Getty Images)

WATCH: 10 Alan Rickman Impressions

Whether he accepts it or not, Alan Rickman has a particularly interesting voice to try and impersonate. It’s not just a matter of getting the tone right, there are also those unique speech rhythms, the swooping intonation, the sudden pauses and breathy sighs. That’s presumably why so many actors—professional and amateur—have had a go at […]


Alan Partridge Is Working on a New Book

Steve Coogan is currently starring in Showtime’s Happyish, but that doesn’t mean Alan Partridge is off on holiday. Partridge is busy penning a new book, which is the follow up to his 2011 tell-all book I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan, reports RadioTimes. Partridge will be the one sat down at the keyboard, […]


WATCH: Steve Coogan Goes Off in New Trailer for ‘Happyish’

We met Thom Payne (Steve Coogan) in a teaser trailer in February. He wasn’t happy then, and he’s really not happy in the longer trailer (2:45) recently released by Showtime. In the new video, Payne is used as an example in a meeting, comparing him to a guy with washboard abs, which sends him into […]


WATCH: Steve Coogan Struggles with Aging in ‘Happyish’

Is it possible that there is a limit on personal happiness? Steve Coogan (The Trip, Philomena) explores this theory in the new Showtime series Happyish. He plays a 44-year-old man whose life is thrown off-kilter when he gets a new whippersnapper of a boss, almost half his age, and he finds himself feeling invisible. In the trailer […]

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