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Articles Tagged 'Steps'

Brit List: Five Great British Pop Acts Who’ve Hit The Comeback Trail

Say it quietly, whisper it among yourselves, but British pop music really does seem to be making significant inroads into American culture again, does it not? What with One Direction doing their boyband thing and of course Adele’s colossal reign of enormous magnificence, it feels a little early to be talking about invasions, but maybe, […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Steps’ “Stomp”

There’s good pop (Robyn, Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys, etc.), and then there’s really sh*tty pop, which can be kinda good if it’s really sh*tty. In the world of crappy pop bands, pre-fab ABBA wannabes Steps were pure methane-producing dung. The dance routines were laughable, the songs were insipid, and the hairdos…well they simply were […]