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John Simm in Intruders

Why More Americans Should Know John Simm

Before we get too deeply into this, let’s just get the regenerating elephant out of the room. We know everyone knows John Simm as the Master in Doctor Who. He’s kind of impossible to forget, given the cackling glee he brought to proceedings and the fact that he made the Doctor cry. And he’s not […]


Brit Binge Watching: If You Like ‘Scandal’ You May Like These Five British Shows Available to View Online

Self-proclaimed Doctor Who aficionado Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy) has done it again, penning the hit series Scandal, which premieres its third season on ABC October 3. The fast-paced political thriller stars Kerry Washington (Django Unchained) as a White House Communications Director who leaves to start her own crisis management firm in D.C. – but has […]


Introducing David Morrissey: Five Great Roles Before ‘The Walking Dead’

Season three of The Walking Dead, AMC’s post-apocalyptic thriller, premieres on Sunday, with British actor David Morrissey as The Governor. The self declared Governor, whose name is actually Brian Blake, appears in the original comic book series the TV show is based on. Blake initially comes across as a fair and focused leader but is seduced by […]

Infamous British Political Scandals: Expenses and the ‘Rotten Parliament’

  With tonight’s final episode of State of Play (10p/9c), we also offer our final installment of Infamous British Political Scandals. For now, anyway. American politicians aren’t the only ones who get in trouble for abusing government expense accounts. In 2009, The Daily Telegraph ran a series of articles over several weeks detailing expense filings, […]

Infamous British Political Scandals: ‘Cash for Honours’

  “Follow the money.” It’s always about cash, even in political scandals, as we see in this week’s installment of Infamous British Political Scandals. Think of the “Cash for Honours” furor as England’s version of the Rod Blagojevich scandal writ large – and perhaps with white wigs replacing the Illinois governor’s famous hairdo. Blagojevich was […]

Christine Keeler

Infamous British Political Scandals: The Profumo Affair

Anglophenia’s look at British political scandals, occasioned by the series State of Play (airing Wednesdays at 10/9c), continues with a look at what many people would consider to be the mother of all modern British scandals: the Profumo Affair, which combined sex, politics and Cold War espionage. In 1961, Secretary of State for War John […]

Infamous British Political Scandals: The Curious Case of John Stonehouse

As BBC America airs the drama State of Play (Wednesdays, 10p/9c), Anglophenia takes a look back at some of Britain’s most explosive real-life political scandals. Here’s our second installment: Even among British political and spy scandals, John Stonehouse’s story stands out as unusually bizarre. Elected as a Labor MP in 1957, he rose to become […]

Infamous British Political Scandals: ‘Spingate’

  Sometimes it seems as if Americans take a curious sort of pride in the shame of our government’s chicanery, like the Watergate, Iran-Contra or Teapot Dome scandals – perhaps that pride is in the exposure of the complicated depths of wrongdoing, even if we often fail to learn our lessons, or even, sometimes, to […]

Readers Have Their Say: The 10 Greatest British TV Dramas of All-Time

Weddings. Candy. TV Drama. There are simply some things the Brits traditionally do better than Americans. In celebration of BBC America’s launch of its new Dramaville block on August 17 – beginning with the 1950s-set spy thriller The Hour – we asked readers to submit their choices for the Greatest British TV Drama of all-time. […]

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