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Benedict, Star Trek

Benedict Cumberbatch: “Everyone Wants Complicated Antiheroes”

It must be interesting being Benedict Cumberbatch right now. Acclaimed worldwide for his performances as both the rude and chippy Sherlock Holmes and the unpleasant and evil John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness, he’s fast becoming the go-to guy for that kind of brittle British baddy that everyone secretly roots for. However, he’s taking […]

Busy Benedict

Busy Week Ahead for Benedict Cumberbatch as Two Movies Open

If 2013 is the year of Benedict Cumberbatch, then this is the week in that year that his star is shining its blindingly brightest. That’s because the fast-rising British actor has two movies opening this Friday (Oct. 18): The Fifth Estate and 12 Years a Slave. What makes all this even more notable is that for the first time, […]

Benedict Cumberbatch

Is Benedict Cumberbatch Going To Be In ‘Star Wars’ Now?

Actually, forget the question at the top here. It’s a stupid question. Given Benedict Cumberbatch’s phenomenal work load at present, and the kind of high profile projects he has been associated with, a more fitting question would be “why isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch already confirmed as part of the cast of Star Wars Episode VII, and […]

JJ Abrams

J.J. Abrams is Moving to London to Film ‘Star Wars’

Director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek: Into Darkness) announced at the PGA‘s Produced By conference in Los Angeles, that he and his family will be moving to London, England to begin filming Star Wars: Episode VII in early 2014. “We are, most likely, if all goes as planned, going to be moving to London at the end of the year […]

Baddies Composite

Tom Hollander Responds to Benedict Cumberbatch on Being a British “Baddie”

There isn’t an exact science in determining what makes a Hollywood villain but both Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Pirate of the Caribbean’s Tom Hollander have recently chimed in on the debate over whether or not Brits are being typecast as “baddies”, reports The Telegraph. Cumberbatch recently talked to Absolute Radio about playing a villain in […]

Benedict Cumberbatch takes a shower

WATCH: Did Anyone Miss Benedict Cumberbatch’s Shower Scene?

Let’s cut to the chase, because we’re all busy people, we all have hectic lives to lead and those lives should really only be interrupted by matters of extreme importance: matters that take us away from the trivial concerns of our everyday lives, matters that affect us on a deep level, that provide help where […]

Star Trek, Benedict, FINAL

Diet Facts: Benedict Cumberbatch Is A Chicken

OK OK, so we’ve lured you into reading this story under a false pretext, namely the truism that you are what you eat. Because, according to Benedict Cumberbatch, during the filming of Star Trek Into Darkness, he pretty much ate his way through an entire Kentucky’s worth of chicken, an experience which has almost certainly […]

Star Trek

10 British Actors Who’ve Appeared On ‘Star Trek’

The Star Trek universe is very big and very inclusive. People from all Earth nationalities and extra-terrestrial races mix freely within the crew of the Enterprise, and that means a huge variety of onboard accents. Sometimes this can result in employment prospects for some of Britain’s finest thespian talent, although the show’s most notably British […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

How Did Busy Benedict Bulk Up For ‘Star Trek’?

Sherlock fans may have noticed that Benedict Cumberbatch’s powerful presence in the new Star Trek movie shows a previously un-hinted-at muscular physique, far from the snarky detective’s hawkish beanpole frame. And they’d be right to have spotted this, because for a few weeks, during filming, Benedict had the unenviable task of trying to match the […]

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