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10 Movies About Sports the Non-Sports Fan Will Enjoy

When tennis champs Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs went to head-to-head on the court in 1973, their televised battle wasn’t just about sports. As dramatized in the new film, Battle of the Sexes (September 22), starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell, their match would call into question the ingrained sexism that blighted the sporting world, and to a large extent remains today. If […]


Tour de France Cycle Race Lands in England

Cycling fever has swept the U.K. over the last three days, as the legendary Tour de France race staged its “Grand Départ” in the north of England before heading south on its way to its homeland. Despite the name, le Tour has made regular visits to neighboring countries over the last fifty years, and it […]

High Five, How I Met Your Mother

5 Ways Americans Celebrate That British People Find Awkward

With Super Bowl XLVIII coming up, it’s a good time for some pointers about how Americans celebrate with friends (and strangers) at sports events—and at almost any other occasion when something good or positive has happened. Of course, the British cliché is that the traditional response to a goal, a wicket, a try, a point, […]

Bad British Commentary

WATCH: ‘Bad British Commentary’ Delights ‘NFL’ Fans

Here’s a weekend treat for you sports fans, and one that is proving to be surprisingly popular among, y’know, not sports fans too. Anthony Richardson is a writer and comedian and YouTube sketch enthusiast, and he makes these delightful sport skits under the banner of Bad British Commentary. As you can probably guess, the gag […]

Rain Check

8 American Sports Idioms Brits Won’t Understand

In America the sports idiom is a popular and effective way of getting your point figuratively across without having to literally say what you mean. These everyday euphemisms are useful language tools and are often deployed without knowledge of the origin or true sporting definition. Here’s a look at some of the most common. 1. […]

Just Not Cricket

Ten Things That Are Just Not Cricket

When the UK version of Buzzfeed opened recently, an enterprising wag named Tom Phillips put up a fake homepage in which he imagined what a British Buzzfeed would look like. It’s a work of comic delight, and it’s here. As you’ll see, one of the headline items is 23 Things That Are Just Not Cricket, a […]

Five Great British Sports Crazes Americans Don’t Understand

Sport should be a universal constant. The idea of watching athletic people competing in a ritualized form of combat (albeit one which substitutes inflated bladders for swords and shoulder-pads for armor) goes back as far as society itself, and is something all cultures indulge in, to some degree. So quite why there should be such […]

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