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Articles Tagged 'Sky News'

“Sky News” Reports (Pic: YouTube)

WATCH: The Best Prank News Videobomb Ever

Pranking live news media is a sport that has a long and ignoble tradition, whether by accidentally walking into reporters as they’re speaking to camera, shouting something obscene behind them, or jumping around behind the camera and trying to put them off. But this video seems to take the art to a brand new height. […]

Lady Gaga Performs “Princess D.I.E.”

Lady Gaga doesn’t mince words. Nor does she shy away from controversy. She wrote a song paying homage to the late royal, Princess Diana, who passed away in 1997. Gaga addresses the fact that the song’s title, “Princess D.I.E.”, may provoke an angry response, according to Sky News. She explains the meaning and the thought process behind […]