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Articles Tagged 'Sir Michael Gambon'

Withnail and I

10 British Actors and the Iconic Roles They Didn’t Play

Show business often throws up arresting ways to illustrate the multiverse theory; that with every decision taken, a parallel world exists in which an alternative decision was taken instead. So, for example, there are universes where Adele’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend didn’t go sour, and “Rolling In The Deep” is a far happier song about […]

New ‘Doctor Who’ Xmas Special Titled ‘A Christmas Carol’

The BBC has announced the title of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special. In deliciously Dickensian fashion, the one-off episode will be called “A Christmas Carol.” And above, you can see a newly released behind-the-scenes photo from the special featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor. As previously announced, BAFTA-winning acting legend Sir Michael Gambon and […]