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9 Black Friday Tips for British Shoppers in America

Don’t be fooled into thinking Thanksgiving is all about the food. Many Americans are just as passionate about the retail deals to be had the following day as they are about turkey and cranberries. Black Friday is traditionally the best day of the year to scour the shops for bargains in the U.S. but it’s […]

Bees in Victoria Street

5,000 Honeybees Swarm Victoria Street Shops in London

Shopping can be seen as a competitive sport when it comes to elbowing your way through the crowds. But when you throw 5,000 honeybees into the scenario, well, the challenge of getting a good deal doesn’t sound quite as enticing. Shoppers and pedestrians on London’s popular Victoria Street either scattered for safety or were trapped […]

Leadenhall Market, City of London, London, England, United Kingd

Snapshot: 16 Shopping Spots in London

We could say it’s that time of year again, when you get the itch to shop … but really, isn’t a shopping trip in London welcomed all year? London is topped up with covered markets, shopping arcades, department stores and shop-lined streets. Get your shop on with this snapshot of 16 photos: Where’s your first stop?  See More: […]


6 Differences Between American ‘Drugstores’ and British ‘Chemists’

In Britain, one would pop to the chemist to tend to their everyday ailments, whereas in America, you’d swing by the more dangerous sounding “drugstore” to get your meds. In principle, the two serve the same purpose, but there are many differences between the British and American pharmaceutical experience. American drugstores moonlight as convenience stores The […]