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Articles Tagged 'Shirley Bassey'

England John Huston and David Niven 1966

The James Bonds Who Won’t Be at the Oscar Tribute

After weeks of speculation that all six James Bonds might appear at the Oscars, the latest word is that there will not be a 007 reunion this Sunday. “It’s something else, something very unique and very exciting but no, we’re not getting the Bonds together,” show producer Craig Zadan told Deadline. The “something very unique” […]

Top British Musicians We’re Thankful For, Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Anglophenia will return with normal posts on Monday, November 30th. For now, enjoy a few British musicians we’ve been thankful for over the years. By no means a comprehensive list! (For more lists of the best of UK music, please see our Tunes From the Thames section.) Dame Shirley Bassey The Beatles […]

Illness Updates: Amy Winehouse, Shirley Bassey

To Mandela or not to Mandela: that is the question for two of the greatest female singers of pop music. Amy Winehouse ‘s father says his daughter will perform at both Glastonbury and Nelson Mandela‘s 90th birthday concert – in spite of the fact she has been diagnosed with emphysema and was said to be […]

Glastonbury 2007: Shirley Bassey Narrowly Escapes Death!

Gliding across the stage in diamond Wellingtons, Dame Shirley Bassey looked elegant and winning as she performed before an enraptured audience at this weekend’s Glastonbury. The Welsh songstress may have been safe from the elements on stage, but she wasn’t so lucky with her commute home. In the midst of a terrible thunderstorm, Bassey endured […]

Joss Stone or Anne Hathaway: Who’s the Bigger Wackadoo?

After Joss Stone turned up two hours late for her gig, The Daily Mail began to fear she could become another “Lauryn Hill, high priestess of flakiness.” But they dig her new material. “‘Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now’ had an appealing lazy groove, while ‘Girl They Won’t Believe It’ had more in common […]