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Expats: How to Move Your Pets to America

Alas, the U.S. doesn’t currently issue visas for emigrating pets, and they’re not likely to introduce a four-legged aisle at Grosvenor Square anytime soon. But if you can’t imagine life without your mutt, you can move Fido to Florida or Rover to Rhode Island. Before you do, consider how your animal will cope with long-haul […]


10 Things British Expats Should Leave in the U.K.

You don’t have to pack everything you own when you move to the U.S. Nor should you import your more negative attitudes. Consider ditching or storing the following before you set off. Books you will never read Only pay to import the tomes you’re sure you’ll open one day, or anything that has sentimental value. […]

10 Things That Will Make a Homesick Brit Sob – and How To Cope

Longing for your native land and its people is one of the biggest strains of resettling abroad. And homesickness can strike hours, days, months or even years after you first hop aboard a plane without a return ticket. Here are just a few things that might make you mourn for good old Blighty.    1. Strangers […]