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Articles Tagged 'Shilpa Shetty'

UK TV Network Slapped Down for ‘Racist’ TV Show

Ofcom, the British media watchdog, has implicatedUK broadcaster Channel 4 in the Celebrity BigBrother racismcontroversy involving Shilpa Shetty and herabuse at the hands of Jade Goody, DanielleLloyd, and Jo O’Meara. The network wasaccused of “serious editorial misjudgment,” reports The Sun, and will have to makethree on-air apologies to viewers. Also, followingtoday’s findings, Channel 4 “released […]

Emily Blunt To Replace Katie Holmes in “Batman” Sequel?

Her star is clearly rising, but is she ready to take on the Dark Knight? Cinema Blend says Emily Blunt, who won a Golden Globe for Gideon’s Daughter, is a frontrunner to replace Katie Holmes in the sequel to Batman Begins: Obviously Chris Nolan is actively looking for someone to take over Katie Holmes’ Rachel […]

Who Loves The Sun? Racists, Maybe???

OK, this is soooo wrongheaded, I almost mistook it for self-satire. On the front page of today’s issue of The Sun, a group of children of differing ethnicities hold signs bearing racial slurs. Apparently, this is in response to the Celebrity Big Brother race row, which has sent the paper scurrying to exalt British tolerance […]

Harry Potter Like You’ve REALLY Never Seen Him Before

If you watched Extras last night, you saw him fling an unrolled condom on Dame Diana Rigg‘s head. If that didn’t completely and utterly sully his family-friendly image, check out some photos of Daniel Radcliffe promoting his controversial theater debut in Equus. One photo features his nearly nude body splayed out against a white horse […]