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Articles Tagged 'Seventh Doctor'

Kill the Moon

‘Doctor Who’ On The Moon: A History

You can’t blame the writers of Doctor Who for seeking inspiration from Earth’s moon from time to time. Frankly, when the entire universe—now and always—is your playpen for making up dramas, you’re going to occasionally cast about you for inspiration, seizing upon anything you can see and starting from there. We’re just lucky no one has seriously […]

Happy Birthday, Sylvester McCoy a.k.a. the Seventh Doctor

Sylvester McCoy, Doctor Who‘s Seventh Doctor (four Doctors behind Matt Smith), turns 67 today. He played the role from 1987 to 1989, but he also made an appearance at the beginning of the 1996 movie that introduced the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann). Mr. McCoy’s Timelord was known for his Panama hat and his question mark-shaped […]