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Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan Poses in Front of Own ‘Selfie’ Billboard

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan spotted a billboard of herself starring in the new show Selfie, and like anyone else would, she stopped to take a snap. We would love to say she took a selfie in front of the Selfie, but this moment was captured the old fashioned route calling on the aid of a friend. […]

Karen Gillan’s ice-bucket challenge

WATCH: Karen Gillan’s Ice Bucket Challenge is Finally Here

Oh THERE you are! After being nominated by both Matt Smith and Neil Gaiman for the ALS ice bucket challenge, things have been ominously quiet from Karen Gillan for the last few days. Had she chickened out? Was there a hosepipe ban in her part of town? No, it seems the delay was partly due […]


LIKE, WATCH: OMG it’s Karen Gillan? In the ‘Selfie’ Trailer? #Wow

Be warned, should anyone be reading this while laboring under the misapprehension that Karen Gillan is an English rose, unspoiled by unladylike desires and poor lifestyle choices, this trailer may be a rather brutal way to have those preconceptions overturned. I mean, yes, clearly this isn’t a documentary, it’s the trailer for her new ABC […]

It’s a Green Light for Karen Gillan’s ABC Series ‘Selfie’

UPDATED: We’re not psychic, yesterday’s post about where the actors and actresses of Doctor Who can be found this summer was not created with any particular news in mind. It’s just a glorious coincidence. But the good news for Karen Gillan fans is that her ABC pilot Selfie has been commissioned for a full series, […]

David Beckham, Selfie, Facebook

Snapshot: 10 Stellar Selfies by British Celebs

We are living in a selfie-soaked culture: Britain’s Oxford University Press announced “selfie” as the 2013 word of the year. TIME recently featured an auction where the winner would win a selfie with Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Benedict Cumberbatch took advantage of the newfangled form of communication, auditioning for August: Osage County with a video […]

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch Auditioned with Selfie Video

If you’re an actor in the U.K. and interested in auditioning for a role thousands of miles away, what do you do? Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock/Star Trek Into Darkness) reportedly took matters into his own hands and conducted his own audition, recorded it himself, and sent it to August: Osage County director John Wells, according to the […]