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Articles Tagged 'Secretly British'

‘Forsaken’ Press Conference – Zurich Film Festival 2015

Warning: Kiefer Sutherland Is… Secretly British

When you get right down to it, nationality is just an accident. Your parents happen to have been in a place and you were born while they were there. They may have decided to stay there, or may have moved somewhere else, and you’ll have picked up various influences from the place or places that […]

Warning: Ed Westwick Is… Secretly British

For the last four years, Ed Westwick has tempted U.S. television audiences as steely playboy Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. His accent and his smooth American-tinged persona is so dead on that we sometimes forget he’s a native Londoner. Born in 1987, a young Westwick honed his acting craft with the National Youth Theatre. From […]

Warning: Nicollette Sheridan Is… Secretly British

On a list of British actresses — say, Samantha Morton, Anna Friel, and Jane Leeves — Nicollette Sheridan would seem quite out of place, right? After all, Sheridan was one of the leading beauties of American primetime soaps during the Reagan era, becoming a sensation as rich girl runaway Paige Matheson on Knots Landing from […]

Warning: Vernon Reid Is…Secretly British

See that look? That’s the look of a man who knows his porridge is being burned, and his tea is already stone cold. Vernon Reid, the twiddle-fingered guitarist in Living Color, was born in London, and grew up in Brooklyn. This means he can order a pastrami-on-rye-with-dill-pickle-hold-the-mayo-extra-chili-sauce with the best of them, but he always […]

Warning: Slash Is…Secretly British

So, we know that Mr Saul Hudson, the artist formally known as Slash, is British. He was born in London’s leafy Hampstead in 1965, raised in Stoke-On-Trent until 1970, and then moved to LA. But what does this actually mean in terms of his everyday behaviour? Does he have a fondness for kippers? Do his […]

Warning: David Byrne Is…Secretly British

Actually, if we’re being technical, the former Talking Heads lead singer and all-round rock boffin is also (very slightly) Secretly Canadian, seeing as he lived in Hamilton, Ontario for seven years as a child. David was born in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1952. His family moved to Hamilton when he was two years old, and then […]

Warning: Naomi Watts Is… Secretly British

When thinking of Naomi Watts, some of her biggest film roles obviously come to mind: Mulholland Drive, The Ring, and King Kong. Her incredible performance in 2003’s 21 Grams, which earned her BAFTA and Oscar nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role, is a particular favorite. And we also remember that she and Nicole […]

Warning: Mischa Barton Is… Secretly British

Geographical locations loom large in the life of Mischa Barton. Born in Hammersmith, west London, to an Irish mother and a Mancunian father, the whole family moved to New York when Mischa was just six years old. She grew up there, appearing in off-Broadway shows from the age of eight, and it was only ten […]

Warning: Young MC Is… Secretly British

Back in 1989, Young MC‘s infectious “stone cold rhymin’” had everyone up and ready to “Bust a Move.” And really, the pop/rap masses have never been the same since. That chorus is pretty much inescapable, right? The Grammy-winning tune has been featured in a string of box office hits (The Blind Side, 17 Again, Can’t […]

Warning: John Barrowman Is… Secretly British

John Barrowman It is just TYPICAL of John Barrowman that he would turn out be an American in a hit British TV show, who was actually British all along. As befits the rapacious needs of his Doctor Who character Captain Jack Harkness, he is clearly neither entirely one thing, nor the other, but happy to […]

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