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Articles Tagged 'second doctor'

Patrick Troughton

Has An Archive Of Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes Been Found?

Note: we’re not in an official position to confirm whether any of the information contained within this story is true or just wishful thinking. Frankly, we want it to be real as much as you do. So, there’s a rumor doing the rounds about lost Doctor Who episodes. This is, in itself, not news. There […]

Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Second Doctor

Before we get into the complexities of the Second Doctor as a character, let’s pause a moment to consider the dilemma on the hands of Doctor Who‘s producers in 1966, when it became clear that William Hartnell, the lead actor in their incredibly successful TV show, was simply too frail to continue in the role. […]

Kill the Moon

‘Doctor Who’ On The Moon: A History

You can’t blame the writers of Doctor Who for seeking inspiration from Earth’s moon from time to time. Frankly, when the entire universe—now and always—is your playpen for making up dramas, you’re going to occasionally cast about you for inspiration, seizing upon anything you can see and starting from there. We’re just lucky no one has seriously […]