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5 Gorgeous Scottish Locations From ‘Outlander’

If you’ve been suffering from “Droughtlander” you can expect some relief with the midseason return of Outlander on Saturday, April 4. We know, we know, that’s still two days away. In the meantime, let’s take a quick spin around Scotland and re-visit some of the hot spots featured in the sexy drama starring Anglo Fan Favorites […]

George Clooney

Fancy Dinner With George Clooney? Go to Scotland

Or, to be entirely accurate, go to Scotland in November. Social Bite is a chain of non-profit sandwich cafés in Edinburgh and Glasgow that donates all proceeds to charity, and encourages customers to donate food and drink to local homeless people. It was set up by the enterprizing Josh Littlejohn, and just under half of […]

Scotch pie

5 Scottish Dishes Every American Should Try

On September 18, the Scottish people vote on whether they wish to be formally independent from the United Kingdom. And it’s a referendum that has stirred up strong feelings on either side of the debate. We do not seek to inflame any of these feelings still further, but it seems a decent moment to celebrate […]

Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly Opts Out on Scottish Vote

Hold that order of haggis. Actor and comedian Billy Connolly says he will neither vote on the issue of independence for Scotland nor reveal on which side of the issue he comes down. The 71-year old star of Quartet made his remarks during an interview  with the BBC on Monday (Feb. 17). Asked whether he intended to vote in the […]

George Square and City Chambers dating from 1888, Glasgow, Scotl

Snapshot: 12 Photos of Glasgow, Scotland

We made a visit to Doctor Who’s turf in Cardiff, Wales with this snapshot back in October 2013. Let’s take a spin around Peter Capaldi‘s hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, with this snapshot of 12 photos: Any plans to make a visit to Glasgow, Scotland? See More: Smutty New YouTube Sensation Bethany Woodruff is Scottish-born Spotted […]

The Haven, Haggis

PHOTOS: What Goes On at a Burns Night Supper?

Robert Burns, the Bard of Ayshire, is recognized as the national poet of Scotland. Burns may not be a household name in the U.S. but you will recognize his famed poem, called “Auld Lang Syne”, which has been set to music and sung when the clock strikes midnight, kicking off the New Year, with the first […]


Haggis: Banned In The U.S.A.

Note: It might be an idea not to read this particular story if you’re having breakfast. Or lunch, for that matter. As you know, we’re firm advocates of British cuisine. Marmite in the cupboard, pasties in the oven, and fish and chip paper in the bin. So it came as something of a shock, while […]

Scotland Solves The Fuel Crisis With Whisky

Scotch whisky can do many things: it can make a man (or woman) foolhardy, it can make them brave, it can make them drunk and it can make them appear wise. But until now, it hadn’t been used as a source of fuel. Tullibardine Distillery in Perthshire has launched into  a joint project with a […]

Geordie Dialect

The Brit List: 5 British Accents That Can Baffle Americans

There are so many different accents floating around the U.K. It’s not too surprising with 300 languages being spoken in just London alone. Easily, someone from one town may not be able to understand another person from just an hour away. We’ve found a handful of film and TV clips that demonstrate British accents Americans might find indecipherable. […]

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