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Articles Tagged 'Salman Rushdie'

Salman Rushdie Writes A Limerick For Kim Kardashian

Writers do like to have a muck about with poetic forms, especially the really restrictive ones like haikus. Normally they’ll be trying to express some delicate emotion, like the happiness of a summer morn which has just been ruined by a swarm of wasps, chasing after your picnic. But just occasionally they dip a toe […]

British-Indian Novelist Salman Rushdie to Pen U.S. TV Series

Make room for another British Invader on U.S. TV. Indian-born, British-based novelist Sir Salman Rushdie will try his hand at scripting and executive producing a TV drama for Showtime. It’s called Next People, and as Deadline reports, the series “dissects different aspects of contemporary American life.” (Hmmm, could that be more vague?) Rushdie reportedly loves […]

Salman Rushdie Dumps His Top Chef Wife; Viewing Figures for Diana Concert

It’s over for Salman Rushdie and Top Chef host Padme Lakshmi: they are divorcing after three years of marriage. Maybe it’s all well for Lakshmi: get the hell out of there before the next fatwa begins, right?(RTE) 15 million Britons tuned in to the Diana concert; 8.7 million Americans watched the NBC special. Entertainment Weekly […]

To Sir, With Blood: Salman Rushdie’s Knighthood Enrages Muslim World

That’s Sir Salman Rushdie to you: the celebrated author was knighted over the weekend.(BBC) The Pakistani parliament has denounced Rushdie’s new title, calling it an insult to Muslims.(The Times) Says one Pakistani official: “The west is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to […]