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Articles Tagged 'Ryan Reynolds'


WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Stars in Action-Adventure ‘6 Underground’ Trailer

Director Michael Bay‘s forthcoming film 6 Underground revolves around six individuals who have faked their own deaths. Why? They’ve created a vigilante group to combat criminals, according to IMDB. In the just released trailer (October 1), Reynolds’ character, who is listed as “One,” asks, “What if I told you, I know what happens when you […]

Cast members Ryan Reynolds (R) and Hugh Jackman arrive for the Los Angeles industry screening of “X-Men Origins-Wolverine” at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, on April 28, 2009. AFP PHOTO/Jewel SAMAD

WATCH: Hugh Jackman Gets Ryan Reynolds Back for ‘Deadpool’ Gag

It’s awards season, and we at Anglo think this year’s Best Bromance gong should go to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, no question. They’ve been friends ever since 2009 when they faced off against each other in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and what do really, really great mates do? They rib each other mercilessly, that’s what. Ryan certainly got […]


WATCH: Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal in Trailer for ‘Life’

The career of The White Queen star Rebecca Ferguson continues to blast off—this time seeing her star in space thriller Life alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. She plays one of a six-person crew who make a groundbreaking discovery aboard the International Space Station: the first evidence of life on Mars. But as the crew begins to study […]


Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond – Out of the Landfill and Into the Fire

“I’m off to a good old-fashioned Texas barbeque,” said Richard Hammond of his challenge in next week’s Crash Course (premiering Monday, May 7, 10p/9c). He was referring to his experiences with the Oshkosh Striker 4500, the world’s most powerful fire-fighting machine. It was given the number after its name because its water tank has a […]