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This is the Problem with ‘Blade Runner 2049’, According to Ridley Scott

Blade Runner 2049 starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford opened in October to rave reviews. Critics were especially impressed with its spectacular visuals and the immersive world created by director Denis Villeneuve. But the film’s box office was a little less stellar: so far it’s grossed $258 million globally, a disappointment considering its hefty estimated […]

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in ‘La La Land’

WATCH: Ryan Gosling Serenades Emma Stone in ‘La La Land’

Previous collaborations Crazy, Stupid, Love and 2013’s Gangster Squad prove Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have enough on-screen chemistry to rival any classic Hollywood couple. And before you can say “Fred and Ginger,” they’ve popped up in upcoming movie La La Land, a modern take on the classic Golden Age musical. They play Mia and Sebastian, a couple of dreamers just trying […]

19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards – Show

Ryan Gosling Helps the World Pronounce Saoirse Ronan’s Name

It’s funny how this has never come up before? Correction: people mispronouncing Saoirse Ronan‘s name probably happens on a daily basis, but not necessarily in a headline-making way. That was until Ryan Gosling stepped in to save the day. Gosling cast Ronan in his 2014 film Lost River, and it appears the two are still friendly. When […]

Ryan Gosling and cereal (Pic: Vine)

Ryan Gosling Finally Eats His Cereal

This is a sad tale with a sweet ending that came out of one of the strangest and best internet memes ever. It began in 2013, with one of the earliest big viral hits on Vine. Ryan McHenry, a Scottish vlogger and aspiring film-maker, put up silly little clips that showed excerpts from Ryan Gosling […]


Ryan Gosling: ‘Doctor Who’ Inspired Me to Cast Matt Smith in ‘Lost River’

Hollywood knows what’s up: Doctor Who actors have skills. Who alum Karen Gillan has admitted that casting directors’ knowledge of the show has helped her lock in roles. Now actor/heartthrob-turned-filmmaker Ryan Gosling has revealed that watching Doctor Who inspired him to cast Matt Smith in his directorial debut Lost River, the Radio Times reports. “One […]

Matt Smith in ‘Lost River’

WATCH: Matt Smith in Full ‘Lost River’ Trailer

When the teaser trailer for Lost River came out last year, it was a little difficult to work out what was going on, with Matt Smith riding down a run-down street in a car exhorting people to look at his muscles. Now a longer and more sensical trailer has been released for Ryan Gosling’s directorial […]

Matt Smith in ‘Lost River’

WATCH: Matt Smith in the First Teaser for ‘Lost River’

This, friends, is what British people of a certain age and social background would call a rum do. A teaser for Lost River, the movie Matt Smith was working on when he announced his departure from Doctor Who, the movie that demanded he shave his head, has been posted online, as it is due to […]

Matt Smith

Matt Smith Has A Personal Message For You…

The facts, as we know and understand them so far: Fact 1: Matt Smith is currently in Detroit. Fact 2: He is there to film How To Catch A Monster with Ryan Gosling. Fact 3: The internet is ablaze with stories about Matt’s announcement that he is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year. […]

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