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Articles Tagged 'Royal Succession'

Royal Roundup: ‘The Man Who Should Be King’ Dies in Australia

A 71-year-old Australian man named Mike Hastings died last week in a small town in New South Wales. At various points in his life he’d been a forklift driver, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman and an agronomist. He could also have been the rightful heir to England’s throne. That assertion may sound like an alternate history […]

Royal Roundup: Historic Changes to Royal Succession Laws Approved

Leaders of the Commonwealth nations have unanimously approved sweeping changes in the succession of the British monarchy. The reforms, which will end the long-ingrained favoritism given to male heirs to the throne, will mean that if Will and Kate’s first-born child is a girl, she would be first in line to become the monarch after […]

Royal Roundup: How Kate and Will’s Daughter Could Become Queen

The British government is embarking on historic reforms of the monarchy. The government is proposing to change the centuries-old law of succession that automatically gives male children precedence in inheriting the crown. For as far back as anyone can remember, first-born male children have received preference in royal succession. Remember, for example, Henry VIII’s obsession […]

Could the Crown Go to William, Skipping Prince Charles?

This is a momentous week for the Royal Family, a chance to beam the image of a modern monarchy across the globe, as Prince William and Catherine Middleton marry at Westminster Abbey on Friday. Yet how long will William, the second in line to the throne, have to wait until he becomes King? Some time, […]

Raising Royal Heirs: What William and Kate Can Expect

After the wedding dress has been put away and the reception hall emptied, Prince William and Kate Middleton will assume the many responsibilities of royal marriage, including producing a family that will help to ensure the survival of the monarchy. BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt explores the rules and complexities of raising heirs to the […]

Could Royal Gender Equality Start With William and Kate’s Kids?

If Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s first child is a daughter, would she succeed William to the throne? Not necessarily. According to ancient rules of royal succession, a son gets first dibs on the throne over their older sisters. But lawmakers in the UK want to bring some gender equality to the monarchy, according to […]