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10 Lesser-Known Members of the British Royal Family

You know all the top royals—the Queen, of course, and then kings-in-waiting Princes Charles, William and George. And don’t forget the wildly popular Prince Harry, fourth in line to become king. They’re the A-listers of the royal family, and we’re fascinated by them in large part because of their proximity to the throne. If you […]


WATCH: Tech Glitch Slows Royal Watcher to a Crawl, Video Goes Viral

Our friend, The Duchess Diary’s Kelly Lynch was, understandably, everywhere last week – and one place that nobody expected. As Socialite Life’s royal expert – with a special interest in all things Kate – she says she’s been on baby watch since the royal wedding. So when the blessed event was finally announced, she was […]


Royal Roundup: Remembering Princess Diana, 15 Years Later

Today is the 15th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and well-wishers are marking the occasion at various sites associated with the princess, who was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997 at the age of 36. Flowers, notes and other mementos are gracing the gates of Kensington Palace, Diana’s former residence, now the […]


10 Things Brits Love About America

We’re a tough bunch to impress, but most Brits secretly admire the burger-munching nation across the Atlantic. Here’s what we like best. 1. The portion sizes From skyscraper sandwiches to piles of fries that could feed a third world village for a month, America is the land of massive grub. We, meanwhile, grew up on […]

Simon Cowell

10 Things Americans Love About Brits

From how we speak to what we eat, the U.S. is mad about everything British. 1. Our accents As a Brit living in America, I veer between extreme speaking-related self-consciousness – like when I have to ask for budder instead of butter in a restaurant – and believing, thanks to a steady flow of compliments […]

Royal Roundup: A Warm Windsor Welcome for London Games

The whole royal family’s turning out for the Games. Queen Elizabeth hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace on Monday for members of the International Olympic Committee. “In the coming days,” she said, “over 10,000 athletes from more than 200 nations will be undertaking their final preparations after years of dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice. […]

Royal Roundup: ‘The Man Who Should Be King’ Dies in Australia

A 71-year-old Australian man named Mike Hastings died last week in a small town in New South Wales. At various points in his life he’d been a forklift driver, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman and an agronomist. He could also have been the rightful heir to England’s throne. That assertion may sound like an alternate history […]

Royal Roundup: Pippa Pal Points Pistol at Paris Paparazzi

  About all that’s clear in this scandal is that there is no smoking gun. There was a gun, but, no, it wasn’t smoking. And it might not even have been real. It all started as Pippa Middleton was being driven through Paris to go home after an elaborate costume party for her friend, the […]

Royal Roundup: Queen Camilla?

Queen Elizabeth has given the Duchess of Cornwall a new title to mark the seventh anniversary of her marriage to Prince Charles. Camilla is becoming a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. The honor is given by the Queen to individuals who have served the monarchy in a direct way, and, unlike most […]

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