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Articles Tagged 'Royal Etiquette'

Royal Roundup: Row Over the Bow, or, Case of the Missing Curtsy

Who would have thought that the omission of a curtsy to the Queen would have caused an uproar in a country as informal and easygoing as Australia? As we reported yesterday — and then expected to hear the end of it — Australian Prime Minister Prime Minister Julia Gillard did not curtsy when she met […]

Royal Roundup: Palace Sends Etiquette Guide to Wedding Guests

There are many unusual things about Kate and William’s wedding. One of them is the 22-page etiquette guide sent to the guests. According to the Daily Mirror, the missive contains sensible advice such as don’t wear cream or white (those colors are reserved for bride) and turn off your cell phone. (No problem. Security concerns […]


Royal Roundup: Brush Up on Your Royal Etiquette

Just about the last place you want to commit a faux pas is at a royal wedding. BBC News has come to the rescue, publishing an etiquette guide. First, you need to get the royal rank straight. In ascending order, it’s Baron (Baroness), Viscount (Viscountess), Earl (Count or Countess), Marquess (Marchioness) and Duke (Duchess). Don’t be a rube when you […]