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Kaya Scodelario and Josh Hutcherson to Star in Modern ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Update

It’s fair to say Kaya Scodelario‘s career has gone from strength to strength since she played Nicholas Hoult‘s little sister Effy on Skins. Now the 25-year-old has scored a lead role in new action film Die in a Gunfight, starring opposite Hunger Games‘ Josh Hutchinson. Just this year she’s starred in Dead Men Tell No Tales, the latest Pirates of the Carribbean movie, and also reprised her […]

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in ‘House of Cards’ (Pic: Netflix)

9 TV Characters Who Owe It All to Shakespeare

Forgive the hyperbole, gentle reader. The stories upon which William Shakespeare based the plays that have so inspired these TV shows are older than he is, and as there’s still some debate as to whether one man actually wrote all of those plays anyway, it’s perhaps a little ripe to suggest he’s the fountainhead from […]

Dame Helen Mirren

WATCH: Dame Helen Mirren Plays Juliet for 10 Seconds

Last night, the BBC’s current affairs show Newsnight interviewed Dame Helen Mirren for her thoughts about the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare (which, as we discussed yesterday, is around about now). During the conversation, in which she also revealed a cunning plan to get teenagers to appreciate the Bard of Avon using […]

HAMLET photo: Ellie Kurttz © Illuminations/Royal Shakespeare Company

Brit Binge Watching: Five Shakespeare Adaptations You Can View Online

Do you enjoy Shakespeare but don’t really have the time to sit down and deconstruct one of his plays? Well, you’re in luck, since the beginning of motion pictures, his work has been adapted into film and TV productions like these youthful and offbeat movie adaptations. Let’s take a peek at the more traditional interpretations […]

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom Heading to Broadway

“O Orlando, Orlando! Wherefore art thou Orlando?” … yes, yes, the actual line is “Romeo” but Orlando Bloom‘s first name just rolls off the tongue so easily. Back to the question at hand, where is Orlando Bloom? Well, he’s heading to New Yawk City this summer. Bloom (Pirates of the Carribean) makes his Broadway debut in […]

Five Youthful, Offbeat Movie Adaptations of Shakespeare

No one ever accused William Shakespeare of being a loafer. During his lifetime, he wrote at least 37 plays, plus sonnets and poems. But the guy died in 1616, centuries before the first movie camera ever whirred, so how come he has 850 credits as a writer listed under his name on, the International […]