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Top Gear Thursday: For Richard Hammond, It *Is* Rocket Science

In the season two finale of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, Richard Hammond is aiming high — 40,000 feet high — by joining scientists to launch an actual rocket from the Mojave Desert. Then Richard tries his hand — or rather his feet — at being a bicycle messenger on the streets of San Francisco. In […]


Top Gear Thursday: Richard’s Career as a Barber – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Could the two professions of barber and helicopter test pilot be any more different? Aside from the use of the word “blade” and the phrase “take off” (and even that’s stretching it), we couldn’t think of any similarities. But Richard Hammond is trying his hand at both jobs next week on Crash Course. Richard has […]


Top Gear Thursday: Life is ‘the Pits’ for Richard Hammond

“Is there anything here that doesn’t hurt or sound unpleasant?” Richard Hammond asks plaintively about the job he undertakes on next week’s Crash Course. You’d think that being part of a race car pit stop crew would come more naturally to the host of a TV car show than, say, being a rodeo clown, but […]

WATCH: Richard Hammond’s Crash Course on U.S. Culture for Brits

British host Richard Hammond knows a bit about the U.S.: he has roamed these American frontiers in a quest to master tough jobs for his BBC AMERICA series, Richard Hammond’s Crash Course. But what tips would he give other adventurous spirits who’ve made the leap across the Atlantic? In an interview exclusively for Mind the […]

WATCH: Richard Hammond’s First Impressions of America

Previously, we posted Richard Hammond‘s choice for the most common misconception Americans have about British people. Today, the Crash Course host reveals his earliest impressions about our young nation, and his observations might surprise you. Watch: “I thought, if the U.K. were as English as America is American, we’d all be running around with bowler […]

WATCH: Richard Hammond on What Americans Don’t Understand About Brits

Richard Hammond has spent a lot of time on these shores, much of it taking on frightening occupations for his BBC AMERICA series Richard Hammond’s Crash Course (which premieres its second season Monday, October 22 at 10/9c). In his extensive travels, the Hamster has learned a lot about how Brits and Yanks differ. What’s one […]

BBC America Receives Five CableFAX Nods, Including ‘Doctor Who’ for Best Sci-Fi

BBC AMERICA has earned five CableFAX Program Award nominations to match its five Emmy nominations this year. Luther, the multiple Emmy-nominated miniseries starring Idris Elba, is nominated for Best Show or Series – Drama, while two BBC AMERICA original series, No Kitchen Required and Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, compete against each other in the Best […]


Top Gear Thursday: London Philharmonic Wheels Out New Horn Section

Is the Mini a car or a musical instrument? Don’t worry, after you watch the video below, we think you’ll agree that it’s definitely more of a car, but you’re still likely to enjoy the partnership between the auto maker and the London Philharmonic. They’ve teamed up in honor of the Summer Games, and the […]


Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond is Demolition Man

Forget about the nineties action movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. This century’s demolition man is… The Hamster. On next week’s all-new episode of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course (premiering Monday, May 14 at 10p/9c), our fearless master of behemoth vehicles goes to Orlando to work for one of the country’s busiest demolition companies. Richard’s […]

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