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Articles Tagged 'Red Dwarf'

Hulu’s “The First” Los Angeles Premiere

12 Fictional Times Man Has Gone to Mars

The planet Mars captured our imaginations, long before we set our sights on the moon. A mere 34 million miles away, our red, rocky neighbor often features heavily in science fiction as a barren and forbidding habitat. The latest story to center itself on the red planet is The First, an eight-part series starring Sean Penn […]

Picard the Borg

10 Sci-Fi Franchises Influenced by ‘Doctor Who’

Let’s be fair, all science fiction is drawn from a small pot of ideas, most often based around where science fact (and cultural reality) has got to when the ideas are first minted. And the more science fiction there is, the fewer new ideas there are, and the higher the chances that some of them will […]

Danny John-Jules: “The BBC Never Pushed ‘Red Dwarf'”

Red Dwarf fans are known to be among the most loyal and passionate (and numerous) in the sci-fi worl…sorry, universe. And yet, for the cast of the hit BBC comedy, their time on the show wasn’t the endless parade of free champagne and shoulder rides around the office that it might have been. In fact, […]