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Articles Tagged 'Razorlight'


15 Great British Tribute Band Names, And One We Made Up

There’s a definite knack to naming a tribute band: Ideally you’d want a devilishly-clever pun on the band’s name (or at a push, their most famous song or album title), but it has to be one that also explains that you’re definitely a tribute band and not the real thing, so that anyone coming to […]

The Brit List: Five Great British Songs In Praise Of America

Be warned: it’s not common for British songwriters to come out with a song which unabashedly says “BLIMEY! AMERICA IS FLIPPING BRILLIANT, ISN”T IT!?” and the reasons for this are twofold, 1: It looks too much like sucking up, which is a bit soppy for us. 2: Songwriters find it very hard to write songs […]

Kirsten Dunst and Johnny Borrell Have Broken Up?

If Johnny Borrell had the slightest desire of conquering the States, dating Kirsten Dunst was the best shot he was gonna get. Now reports are coming out that the couple has split – and that Borrell, of all people, did the dumping. From News of the World via Digital Spy: "Johnny has realised she's not […]

The Dunst Meets the Dunce: Kirsten and Razorlight Singer “An Item”

Gossip maven Victoria Newton is salivating over the latest union between a Hollywood starlet and a slimy British git: Kirsten Dunst and Johnny Borrell of Razorlight are “a proper item,” her sources say. They were spotted in a romantic embrace at the Kings of Leon gig at South By Southwest, and photos show them looking […]