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Articles Tagged 'Raising a family'


7 Ways to Make Your American Kids Feel British

British expats, if you had babies here, I hate to break it to you: They’re Americans. Nevertheless, they’re also British by descent. Having two passports, however, doesn’t alter the fact that your burgeoning offspring might seem a little like aliens—albeit adorable ones—as they grow into syllable-slurring, corn dog-chomping yanks. There’s not much you can do […]


8 Reasons to Raise British Children in America

Possibly, it was around the time you had babies — or were contemplating it — that you last considered moving back to the U.K. And that’s totally understandable. Healthcare is free and adoring grandparents are readily available for date night babysitting. That said, there are plenty of positives to bringing up children in the U.S. […]


10 Expat Parent Worries and How to Handle Them

Raising children abroad comes with a unique set of challenges, but there are ways to overcome your fears and have a great parenting experience. Will my kid have an American accent? If your offspring is being cared for or taught by an American, the answer is, categorically, yes. However, the older the child is when […]


Where to Live in America: 10 Things for Brits to Consider

Possibly the biggest single decision an expat has to make is where to live. Even once you have picked your country – and that is often chosen for you by family, work or other circumstances outside your control – the real work begins, especially with a country as large and diverse as the U.S. There […]