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Articles Tagged 'Racism'

Racism Charges Divide British TV, Music Industries

A BBC reporter criticizes comedian Lenny Henry for his comments about race and employment practices at the company. Reporter Olenkia Frenkiel says, “Lenny Henry calls for a black dg (Director-General). Any black dg? Regardless of merit, or who they are or what they might have done? What about a Polish dg? Lots of Poles in […]

Big Brother Contestant Sent Home for Using ‘N’ Word

After cynically using the race row to attract attention to the stale Celebrity Big Brother franchise, British broadcaster Channel 4 were caught off-guard by the outrage directed at them. That’s why the new season of the reality series is being touted as “sexy and fun,” not “controversial.” Covering their asses, they’ve instituted a no-tolerance policy […]

Tony Blair Blames It On the Blacks?

Some might claim that “foot-in-mouth” disease – now renamed Don Imus Syndrome – is the new avian flu, so contagious that it leaps continents: yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Blair outraged black leaders in the UK when he blamed “a section of the black community” for rising violence in London. His comments are either tremendously brave […]

A Little Brit of Politics: MP Fired For Racism. Plus: Diana Inquest

This guy makes Joe Biden look like the Mahatma: Patrick Mercer, a British homeland security minister, said racist slurs like “black bastard” should be expected in the Army, and added that while he was a colonel, “I came across a lot of ethnic minority soldiers who were idle and useless, but who used racism as […]

Mexico Slaughtered Britain at Last Night’s Oscars

The British dominance of Hollywood has been a big story throughout award season. But one could be forgiven for mistaking last night’s Oscars for a World Cup match, and, predictably, Britain got beaten by Mexico. With a sea of Mexican flags waving in the audience, winner after winner from Pan’s Labyrinth and Babel were called […]

Who Loves The Sun? Racists, Maybe???

OK, this is soooo wrongheaded, I almost mistook it for self-satire. On the front page of today’s issue of The Sun, a group of children of differing ethnicities hold signs bearing racial slurs. Apparently, this is in response to the Celebrity Big Brother race row, which has sent the paper scurrying to exalt British tolerance […]

Stand Back: Jade Goody’s Gonna Blow Tonight!

LOL…it’s kinda funny that the notoriously bigoted British tabloids are blasting UK star Jade Goody for her racist comments toward Shilpa Shetty. The Sun has labeled Ms. Goody “the face of hate,” claims Goody will need 24-hour security once she leaves Celebrity Big Brother, and is urging its readers to vote Goody out in tonight’s […]

A Reality Show Grips a Nation: The “Big Brother” Race Row

If only CBS’ version of the show could get so much buzz: even Britain’s politicians have weighed in on the allegations of racism in the Celebrity Big Brother house. As we reported yesterday, Jade Goody, Goody’s mother Jackiey Budden, Jo O’Meara, and disgraced beauty queen, Danielle Lloyd, have been seen making fun of Bollywood star […]