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Five British Dinosaur Hunters

Anglophenia has obtained the following confidential memorandum, written by a special committee of scientsts from London’s Royal Society: To:        President, Royal Society From:    Dinosaur Research Team Re:        Dinosaur Hunters – Not for distribution It has become painfully obvious to all of us in the Trends in Royal Excavation […]


Eight British TV Couples Who Met On Set

Acting is not like other work. You have to use your feelings for your job, and if called upon to do so, pretend to fall in love with some of the most attractive people every to walk the Earth. It’s not an easy gig. And sometimes the lines between pretend love and real love become […]

WATCH: New ‘Primeval’ Teaser. Season Premieres Jan. 1

Just announced: BBC America will premiere the much-anticipated new season of Primeval on Saturday, January 1st at 9 pm ET. That’s the same day as the UK premiere. Very cool. I’ve also gotten my hands on a new teaser, which you can watch below. Andrew-Lee Potts (who plays Connor Temple) is sporting some cool facial […]

Great News: Primeval Lives!

Cue the “back from extinction” headlines – yes, Primeval has been resurrected. From today’s press release: “A unique international collaboration has guaranteed the return of hit series Primeval to BBC AMERICA and TV screens across the globe. “The groundbreaking deal between Impossible Pictures Limited (IPL), BBC Worldwide (BBCW) and ITV, will deliver 13 new episodes […]

Oh Hell No: Primeval Cancelled in the UK!

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about Primeval. ITV has cancelled the show. Are they crazy? They killed what could have been a cash cow on any other network. Merchandising, licensing, a new film franchise? How could they fumble that? Was it Cutter’s death that did it? I have one hope in all of […]

Hannah Spearritt’s Former Bandmate Robbed

Pop star Rachel Stevens – Primeval star Hannah Spearritt‘s former S Club 7 bandmate – was robbed upon coming home to her London apartment. A London Metropolitan Police spokesperson says, “It’s believed the woman returned to her flat and was followed in to the premises by three males. The suspects are understood to have threatened […]

Primeval’ Movie Will Be Set in the U.S.

Variety has picked up the big story: Warner Bros. has bought the rights to BBC AMERICA’s Primeval, and Akiva Goldsman, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of A Beautiful Mind, will produce the film alongside Kerry Foster and Emily Cummins. But the biggest news is this: WB and Goldsman will transplant the action to the U.S. and […]

HELL YEAH: Primeval’s New Season Premieres Saturday, May 16th on BBCA

With AMBUH from Footballers Wive$, y’all! Good to see Primeval bringing in some ethnic diversity – especially the hotness that is Laila Rouass. Laila…got me on my knees! Here’s where the new season starts, storywise: At the start of the new season, Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) is still reeling from Stephen’s death and the extent […]

Who Would You Cast in a Primeval Movie?

So we knew it would happen sometime: Primeval will be made into a movie. But it’s not clear if the show’s cast – Douglas Henshall, Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Lucy Brown, and Juliet Aubrey – will reprise their roles in the film. If Warner Bros. dared to cast Hollywood stars, I offer George Clooney as […]

Primeval: New Season Preview

The Stage‘s Mark Wright says that Primeval (a.k.a. Dinosaur Chasey Chase) has upped its game in the new season: “It’s the only show that’s come along post Who that gets anywhere touching the BBC show. That might sound like damning with faint praise – not at all. This first episode is fun and fast, with […]