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Articles Tagged 'pregnancy'

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Margate

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: Best Maternity Looks

It’s hard enough for anyone to get out of the house on time; just imagine trying to do so being an expectant mother, taking care of a young son, and all eyes are on you. That’s the case for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who is expecting her second child with husband Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, but […]

Liz Hurley’s Wedding Party Bombs in Bombay

Liz Hurley is trying to usurp Jade Goody’s title as Most Hated Woman in India: it appears organizers behind Hurley and Arun Nyar‘s wedding party were told not to build a deck on a beach in Bombay. It was a public beach, after all. But the organizers defied the orders, and the authorities tore the […]