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Articles Tagged 'Posh Spice'

Talking Posh: Is Victoria Beckham a Good Role Model For Women?

Victoria Beckham was named Enterpreneur of the Year at this year’s Glamour Awards on Tuesday. On the heels of this honor, The Scotsman has assembled a team of prominent women to debate the merits of Miss Posh. Some, like editor Elaine Griffiths, are complimentary: “I think that Victoria Beckham is a pretty good role model […]

Victoria Beckham: This Isn’t America, This Is My Life

Posh Spice has clearly forgotten Rule No. 1 for making it in America: be nice to J. Randy Taraborrelli. Actually, she was downright mean to him, and she pays the price in today's Daily Mail. Apparently, Taraborrelli approached Victoria to welcome her to the States. Victoria and her entourage didn't take too kindly to this […]

Spice Girls Tour Definitely On?

Hey, if The Smiths can’t get back together, we’ll have to make due with The Spice Girls, according to Hollywood Today. Supposedly, it’s on, and even the resistant Mel C. has agreed to join the reunion: Apparently, Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller thinks so as he announced an upcoming six-month tour he has been trying […]