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Articles Tagged 'Pond Life'

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who: Pond Life,’ Part 5: The Final Installment

Well, we’ve arrived at the final episode of Pond Life, the five-part prequel to the new season of Doctor Who, which premieres tomorrow (September 1) at 9/8c on BBC AMERICA. This installment takes a sharp tonal turn from the previous four. Yeah, we get several amusingly jaunty scenes of the Doctor, but as we know […]

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who: Pond Life’ Part 4: An Ood Day at Chez Pond

We were quite tickled at yesterday’s Pond Life, with its “Ood on the Loo” reveal at the Pond house. Part 4 of this five-part Season 7 prequel picks up shortly thereafter, with more domestic scenes that have the trappings of a modern-day Alf. But the Doctor’s back, and there’s a bit of trouble in the […]

Watch: ‘Doctor Who’ Pond Life: Part 1

So here it is! The very first Pond Life! There will be a new one of these mini-episodes every day this week, leading up to Asylum of the Daleks on Saturday night (September 1st, 9/8c), and by all accounts there’s a cliffhanger on the way. But in the meantime, enjoy! Thoughts, reactions? Tell us here: