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Articles Tagged 'Poetry'

Tom Hiddleston

The Best of Tom Hiddleston and the Love Book App

There’s a fascinating interview in Radio Times today with Allie Esiri, the creator of the app The Love Book, which features prominent actors—including quite a few Anglophenia favorites, reading poems that they find inspiring. It’s this sort of a thing, if you’re not familiar. Helena Bonham Carter reads Christina Rossetti: And of course, the biggest […]

The Poetry of ‘Doctor Who’

Poetry has come to play a large part in the way Doctor Who tells a story. If, for example, you wish to add an unsettling undercurrent to a cozy situation, why not have some children recited an eerily specific poem in a spooky way? Or sing a little song with dark lyrics? And if you […]

Hollie McNish

WATCH: Brit-Poet Hollie McNish’s Ode To Public Breastfeeding

Here’s a lovely thing, which is also an angry thing and a hopeful thing too. The poet Hollie McNish has written, performed and filmed this poem called “Embarrassment,” concerning her experiences when first breast-feeding her daughter in public. As is often the way, the mere fact that a person would be seen doing a thing […]


WATCH: Matt Smith, Michelle Dockery Read Poems for Disney Junior

They may be too young to be fans yet of either Doctor Who or Downton Abbey but pint-size viewers of the Disney Junior channel will soon get their first exposure to Matt Smith and Michelle Dockery. The two British TV stars – Smith is on Doctor Who and Dockery in Downton Abbey – are among […]