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Articles Tagged 'Poem'

Tom Hiddleston

The Best of Tom Hiddleston and the Love Book App

There’s a fascinating interview in Radio Times today with Allie Esiri, the creator of the app The Love Book, which features prominent actors—including quite a few Anglophenia favorites, reading poems that they find inspiring. It’s this sort of a thing, if you’re not familiar. Helena Bonham Carter reads Christina Rossetti: And of course, the biggest […]

The Poetry of ‘Doctor Who’

Poetry has come to play a large part in the way Doctor Who tells a story. If, for example, you wish to add an unsettling undercurrent to a cozy situation, why not have some children recited an eerily specific poem in a spooky way? Or sing a little song with dark lyrics? And if you […]

I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba

Idris Elba Responds to ‘I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba’ Poem

Let’s just say it’s not too hard being actor Idris Elba these days. But some men are feeling a little intimated by their ladies talking him up so much. Instagram user Nova_Isig was apparently exhausted from hearing his wife rant about the British actor and posted a poem entitled, “I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba.” […]