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Articles Tagged 'Piers Morgan'

Sir Ian McKellen at Oxford Union (Photo: Oxford Union)

WATCH: Oxford Union’s Taylor Swift Mash-up

There’s not too much to say about this clip, except that it features some of Anglophenia’s favorite British stars—Stephen Fry, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart—as well as Morgan Freeman, Kendrick Lamar, Piers Morgan, Diane Kruger, Jack Gleeson and the Korean pop star Psy (of “Gangnam Style” fame) having their words taken out of footage of their addresses […]

Jeremy Paxman

Why America Needs Jeremy Paxman To Be Its New British Scold

Let’s not mince words: Americans love being told off by the Brits on TV. I don’t fully claim to understand the psychology, but I should imagine part of it is listening to the sneering contempt dripping from an upper crust (and it is always upper crust) British voice and feeling a) relief that you are […]

Piers Morgan, Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler Has On-Air Argument with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan cannot get a break. It was recently announced that his CNN show, Piers Morgan Tonight, is coming to an end, but that didn’t stop E! TV personality Chelsea Handler from telling him how it is, reports USA Today. Handler, the host of Chelsea Lately, had a sit down with Morgan to talk about her […]

Piers Morgan, ON TV

Piers Morgan’s CNN Run Comes to an End

British TV personality Piers Morgan had a good run on CNN but his show, Piers Morgan Tonight, has been canceled, reports CNN. Morgan took over hosting duties from longtime host Larry King in 2011. King had been on CNN since 1985. It was a difficult but not impossible task to take over for such a […]

Simon Cowell

Is That It For The Great British Scold?

Today, the British press is a-flurry with the news that Simon Cowell is returning to the UK version of The X Factor. This is because it was in Britain that he made his name, the British show is his baby, and he just wanted to come back and ensure the health and vitality of that […]


10 British Exports That Are More Popular In The U.S.

If a British cultural export manages to succeed in America, it’s a fairly safe bet that it already has some degree of popularity in its home land. Sometimes, however, exports from the U.K. manage to end up being even more popular, comparatively speaking, than they ever managed to be back where they came from. Other […]

Lil Reds

Five American Things The Brits Have Never Found Cool

Don’t be getting all up in my grill, this is just the flipside of the feature we ran a while ago about American things the Brits always find cool. It’s a yin/yang thing, so be cool, yeah? The External Monologue Hey, you know that voice in your head that says things all the time? The […]

Talk Show Compoiste

British Celebs You Should Follow on Twitter: Talk Show Host Edition

Talk show hosts are a chatty bunch and love to share their opinions on TV. We’re not too surprised to see they’re active in the Twittersphere. 1. Craig Ferguson 2 men trying oysters for the first time. #oneofuswussedout #notme#yech… — Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg) February 3, 2013 The Late Late Show‘s Ferguson is not only […]

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Celebs React to Royal Baby News

It’s been made official, Kate Middleton is pregnant. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child who will be third in line to the throne. In this day and age, what better way to send congratulations than … a Tweet! British celebrities are at attention sending their best wishes. Check it out! […]

Roger Moore on location in 1972. (Photo via AP)

Sir Roger Moore Former Victim of Domestic Violence

James Bond star Sir Roger Moore discusses his violent first two wives on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, according to The Telegraph. Moore taped an interview with Morgan on Saturday, September 8 which will air on Friday, September 14. The longest serving 007 discusses his four marriages, his career and that tricky raised eyebrow. The actor said […]

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