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Articles Tagged 'Phone Hacking'


Rupert Murdoch Calls British Hacking Victims ‘Scumbag Celebrities’

Who needs News of the World when you have Twitter? Perhaps that’s the way Rupert Murdoch looks at things, since the hacking scandal forced his company News International to close the British tabloid last year. Twitter apparently gives the world’s most famous yellow journalist the thrill of writing what are, in essence, provocative 140-character headlines, […]

Royal Roundup: Will, Kate and Harry Visit Cities Hit by Riots

There have been more royal visits for England’s troubled urban areas. In a surprise trip, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to Birmingham today, a day after Prince Harry toured Manchester. Their visits followed Wednesday’s by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to riot-ravaged areas of London. In Birmingham, Prince William and Kate Middleton met […]


Royal Roundup: Was Kate’s Phone Hacked?

The Telegraph has reported that investigators are now looking into new allegations of phone hacking against the royal family, including Kate Middleton and her relatives. “The Sunday Telegraph understands that the Duchess [of Cambridge], her family and many members of the Royal household with close connections to senior royals have been targeted and that the […]

FBI Investigating Alleged Hacking of Jude Law’s Cell Phone

Actor Jude Law‘s accusation that the News of the World hacked his cell phone is, on its face, similar to the thousands of other alleged privacy violations that have emerged throughout the ongoing hacking scandal. But for Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corporation, there’s one important difference: Law claims that his mobile phone was hacked in the […]

Tabloids Accused Of Hacking Kate Middleton’s Phone

If you’ve been following news events in the UK around certain tabloid newspapers and who they’ve employed to hack into the mobile phone accounts of various celebrities, you may think you’ve heard it all. But did you know Kate Middleton has now been revealed as the top target for phone hackers? Beating even Tony Blair? […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 8): News International Apologizes to Hacked Celebrities

A tarnished tabloid and a high-stakes horse race are both trending on Twitter in the UK today. News International Rupert Murdoch‘s News International, which publishes The News of the World, is admitting liability and offering an “unreserved apology” to celebrities, including actress Sienna Miller, whose phones were hacked by the newspaper. The company will likely […]