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Articles Tagged 'PG Wodehouse'


5 British Literary Characters That Made a Comeback

Some literary creations are so potent they cannot be contained by one book, one series, or one author alone. They may make the move from the page to the stage, from the stage to the radio, from the radio to the television, and from the television to the movie screen, but what happens then? Well, […]


Fraser’s Phrases: The Correct Use Of ‘Cheerio’

Being exceptionally keen Anglophiles and fond followers of every linguistic tic and nuance that comes from the British Isles, you won’t need to read this. But that does not mean it can be left unsaid. For reasons I am not entirely clear about, there seems to be a relatively common misunderstanding around the word cheerio […]

Jeeves & Wooster

There Can Be No Sequels When An Author Dies

Here’s a quandary. What do you do as a fan of a major talent who is no longer with us, if the people responsible for their legacy try to extend the brand in an uncomfortable way? What if, for example, Amy Winehouse’s band decided to get back together and find a new singer, using American Idol as […]