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A Brief History of Michael Caine Impressions

Michael Caine’s birthday celebration is past – he turned 80 on March 14 – but we have one last salute to the veteran British actor. In his honor, rather than bore you with our own impression of Sir Michael, we’re going to post several loving and hilarious impressions of him by his talented British acting […]


PHOTOS: British Actors as U.S. Presidents

Some might think Steven Spielberg made a controversial decision when casting Daniel Day-Lewis, both a British and Irish citizen, as the U.S.’ 16th President Abraham Lincoln (with fellow Brit Jared Harris as Ulyssess S. Grant) in the much anticipated film Lincoln. But, it’s not the first time a Brit has stepped in as Commander-in-Chief: Montagu Love was one […]

RIP Herbert Lom, Star Of The ‘Pink Panther’ Films

Herbert Lom, the veteran actor best known for playing the twitchy, hate-fuelled Charles Dreyfus in the Pink Panther films, has died aged 95. Born and raised in Prague, in what is now the Czech Republic, Herbert came to London at the beginning of the Second World War. He had already begun acting while in Prague, […]

British Moustache

The Brit List: 10 Famous British Moustaches

Tom Weston-Jones and Kevin Ryan have some work to do. (Photo/BBCA) I moustache you a question, why do moustaches always give us a giggle? Possibly it’s because they do look ticklish! It’s a bit of fun for men to change up their look and play around with the swirly wirly furry caterpillar that sits on […]

Michael Caine

Who Does the Best Michael Caine Impression?

In a recent interview to promote the film Cars 2, Michael Caine was asked about all the people who have attempted an impersonation of his unique way of speaking over the years. And let’s face facts; there have been enough of them (and by ‘them,’ I mean ‘us’). His response was as generous and affectionate […]

Peter Sellers: The Deft Actor Behind the Brilliant Mimic

Peter Sellers was the king of funny voices. He rarely used the same one twice, excepting the extravagant French accent he deployed as bumbling Inspector Clouseau in five Pink Panther movies. (Six if one counts the Pink Panther film made after his death which recycled leftover footage from earlier films featuring him.) The English-born comic […]

Julie Andrews’ Husband, Director Blake Edwards, Has Died

Very sad news: director Blake Edwards, actress Julie Andrews‘ husband of 41 years, has died at age 88 of complications from pneumonia, BBC News reports. The American comedic master directed many classic films including 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn; six Pink Panther films with British comedian Peter Sellers starting in 1963; and 1979’s […]