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Articles Tagged 'Personality Quiz'

Personality Quiz: How Should You Take Your Tea?

The way you take your tea says a lot about you as a person, and that’s after you consider the non-verbal messages sent by the way tea is served in your immediate presence. A full tea set suggests a very traditional outlook, a chipped mug with a tea bag string hanging from the handle suggests […]

Personality Quiz: Which ‘Doctor Who’ Monster Are You?

We’ve spent some time finding out which of the 13 Doctors we are, which companion we may be, and even how Daleky we are, but until now we haven’t yet figured out which Doctor Who monster species most suits our individual quirks and foibles. Some days you wake up feeling like you want to wipe […]

Quiz: Which U.S. Region Should You Move To?

As an expat, choosing where to settle in the U.S.–if your job or family doesn’t do this for you–is the one of the biggest dilemmas you’ll face. But knowing roughly what kind of lifestyle awaits in one of the eight major regions will help you narrow it down. Right now, you’re just a few probing […]

Personality Quiz: Which U.K. Nation Are You?

National identity can act like a magnet that brings some people together and pushes others apart with equal strength. And to make the magnetic fields even more complicated, as a combination nation, the United Kingdom has its own national identity, but then the individual national identities of the four countries (also called the home nations) […]

Personality Quiz: Which ‘Harry Potter’ Villain Are You?

Most personality quizzes are fairly even-handed affairs. You could be one sort of a thing in a list (Beatle, emotion, root vegetable) or you could be another, and they’re all roughly the same. This quiz is not like that. It’s more like walking into a roomful of mousetraps, one of which is connected to a […]

Personality Quiz: To Which British Era Do You Belong?

When looking back over the history of humanity (or just the history of Britain), we have our favorite eras. To be a fly on the wall in Chaucer‘s time, to hear him tell “The Miller’s Tale” to an audience with no clue of the astonishments to come, would be a heck of a thing. But […]

Personality Quiz: Which ‘Doctor Who’ Story is Your Life?

The issues raised by the various adventures of the Doctor and his companions are issues that affect us all, and the way in which we deal with those issues is largely driven by personality. In our daily lives, new information arrives all the time, some of which could be nothing, and some could be catastrophically […]

Personality Quiz: Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?

Long before Lena Dunham and her sharp-eyed take on the social problems, vanities, weaknesses, loves and losses facing (some) young women in the modern world, there was Jane Austen doing the same thing, but, like, 200 years beforehand. Her characters were just as sharply drawn, just as comic, just as flawed and occupied just as […]

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