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Joan Didion 1720 frame 22 Play It As It Lays.

The 10 Best Films About Famous Writers

The Center Will Not Hold lands on Netflix today (October 27), an in-depth documentary into the life and work of one of America’s greatest writers, the essayist Joan Didion. Filmmakers have a long-held fascination with famous writers. Just in the last year we’ve seen the release of movies about multiple authors, from A.A. Milne and J.D. Salinger to Thomas Wolfe. But capturing […]

Alan Rickman in ‘CBGB’

WATCH: Alan Rickman As Hilly Kristal In ‘CBGB’

Rock biopics are notoriously hard to pull off. No matter how meticulously researched they may be, the clubs are always void of the atmosphere in which musical astonishment thrives, the actors playing the rock stars rarely have the same type of bullish charisma as the stars themselves and the audiences always flip from hostility to […]

Emma Watson: ‘I Want To Be Like Patti Smith’

For someone who has confessed that she never had to research the role of the learned, bookish Hermione Granger for the Harry Potter films, because she’s already that person in real life, Emma Watson has revealed an unlikely girlcrush on the confrontational New York poet Patti Smith. But, perhaps fittingly for such a book-loving individual, […]