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Paolo Nutini

5 British Stars Overlooked By the 2015 Grammys

Have you seen the full list of nominations for the Grammy awards? Have you? Eighty-three categories! Eighty-three! That’s at least seventy-five more categories than is strictly necessary for any awards ceremony, and once you consider that each one has five nominations, it because practically inconceivable that anyone who has been within shouting distance of a […]

Petula Clark

Happy 80th Birthday, Petula Clark!

It seems a little odd that we were only celebrating the 90th birthday of the BBC yesterday, and now we’re celebrating 80 years of Petula Clark. I mean, she was born a day after the Beeb celebrated 10 years of broadcasting, and yet you’d think they were whole generations apart. It’s even more startling to […]

Paolo Nutini Isn’t a Drunk, He’s Just…Charming.

Singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini responds in The Daily Record to a flurry of media reports claiming that he was sloppy-drunk at a gig earlier this week: “I’m surprised people comment about my drinking. “I’m a young guy and I’ve been on the road for a year since the album came out but I’m not drinking to […]

BRITS 2007 Red Carpet: Paolo Nutini

Adorable. May God help you understand what he’s trying to say, but he’s beguiling nonetheless. And he answers the question: does he really dislike fellow blue-eyed soul man James Morrison? Go to the BRIT Awards 2007 site on BBC AMERICA.

Brit Awards Round-Up

La moquette rouge was on-and-popping at last night’s Brit Awards. International film crews were at the end of the red carpet, and stars short on time often bypassed us altogether. Some were very sweet about it (Amy Winehouse, the beaming Nelly Furtado, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith), others were pigs (Snow Patrol, who were busy glad-handing […]