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Articles Tagged 'Oxford University'

Personality Quiz: Which British University Should You Attend?

Assuming you’ve got the best grades in the world, the money to pay for it and the time to take, getting an education in one of the top British universities is an extraordinarily good idea. You’ll be taking your place among former Presidents, stellar talents in the fields of literature, science, politics and entertainment, and […]


Oxford College is All Shook Up Over Harlem Shake

The craze over the Harlem Shake hit Oxford University, as it has just about everywhere else, but one rendition has caused a controversy that this week went all the way to Britain’s House of Commons. It all started when some 30 students made a Harlem Shake video in the library of St. Hilda’s College, which […]

Led Zeppelin Reunion Cash Funds Oxford University Scholarship

The proceeds from the reunion concert Led Zeppelin gave in 2007 have gone towards a £26 million scholarship at Oxford University, funding students who wish to study the humanities. The band only reformed to pay tribute to the legendary founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun, who had died the year before. It remains their sole […]