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Articles Tagged 'Odd News'

2016 CBS Upfront

James Corden Caught Off Guard by Teenage ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Fans

It’s hard to describe what happened between late night host James Corden and some over-enthused fans without sounding alarmist. Corden recently told a story about when he was shuffled into a car and held at camerapoint by some teenage fans. He may have been distressed at the time of the incident, but it seems he can laugh it off now. […]


Hugh Grant Shows Twitter Support for Unlikely Hero

British actor Hugh Grant is active on Twitter, tweeting away updates like enjoying a new book or discovering a music track. In this case, Grant’s taken to Twitter to feature a new type of hero, a man who has camouflaged himself to catch locals leaving doggy droppings: My hero. — Hugh Grant (@HackedOffHugh) August […]

A robin, sitting on a camera (PIc: Justin Tallis/Getty Images)

Britain Chooses a National Bird

This week, a vote to determine the national bird for the British nation, in which more than 224,000 voted. And the results are very telling about the way British people tend to see themselves. Not selected were the flashy swan and its long neck or the pigeon that so dominates the architecture of London there’s […]

Walthamstow’s bus heroics (Pic: YouTube)

WATCH: London Crowd Lifts Double-Decker Bus off Trapped Cyclist

Were this not such a serious situation, some of the details in this story might appear to be a little comic, not least because it involves a vehicle that is usually associated with circus clowns and jugglers. But while it’s definitely not funny, there’s a heartwarming side to this story, as it’s about unconnected strangers […]


WATCH: Glasgow Man Converts Bumper Car for Street Driving

There’s the saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” Glaswegian Tom Evans, 69, ran a funfair as his trade and is now retired. He couldn’t leave carnival life behind completely because when he saw a bumper car (dodgem in British English) for sale on eBay it […]


WATCH: British Dad’s Online Lessons for His Teenage Children Go Viral

Will Reid, a dad in the U.K., felt like his two teenage children, James and Beth, just weren’t hearing him when it came to household upkeeps. Talking to them face-to-face wasn’t working, so he created instructional videos, which he posted online to get their attention. His initial intent was to break through to his kids, […]

LokiCharms copy

WATCH: First Cereal Cafe Opens in East London

Shoreditch, London was first to see the opening of a Cat Cafe, and that venture is now being followed up with a … wait for it, wait for it … a cafe that serves only cereal. Indeed, cereal can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and even between meals. Possibly that came to mind when […]

Apostrophe, Large

British Calendar Features the “Dullest” Men in U.K.

Before you throw your hands up in the air, exclaiming, “This is so rude!” please note, in this case, dull is actually a self-described compliment by the members of The Dull Men’s Club. Actually, if you were to make a statement ending with an exclamation point, you wouldn’t make it into the club, politely explains […]

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