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Articles Tagged 'Noel Coward'

The Kinks

Five Songs That Contributed to the Moral Decay of Great Britain

Are you feeling naughty? Feeling like crossing a few boundaries, breaking a few taboos? Well it’s practically the weekend, why shouldn’t you? Over the years, music has been blamed for any deviation from social convention you may care to name, from resisting the draft to encouraging promiscuity and beyond. In fact, if you were of […]

Evening Standard Theatre Awards, London, Britain – 17 Nov 2013

Actress Anna Chancellor Talks ‘Private Lives’ and Maggie Smith

Anna Chancellor is on the phone and she’s chuckling. “You’d laugh so much if you could see where I’m calling you from,” the British actress says. “I’m in the middle of a market in a small town in Algeria near Morocco. We’ve come to buy a carpet.” (Her husband, Redha Debbah, a computer technician, is originally from […]