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Articles Tagged 'Noah Webster'

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Why Brits Spell Words Like ‘Realize’ With an ‘S’

Some Brits can be particularly snippy around spellings and grammar, as anyone who has used the word gotten in their presence can ably testify. “We invented this language,” runs the argument, “so anything you did to it after the War of Independence can only be considered a decline in standards.” Sometimes it pays to have […]

A medieval knight in his armour, sorry, armor.

Why Did America Drop The ‘U’ In British Spellings?

Whichever branch of the English language you are brought up with, you have to admit parts of it are an inconsistent mess. There are words that are spelled broadly the same but pronounced entirely differently—cough, bough, borough, through, brought—words that are spelled entirely differently but pronounced the same—write, right, two, too, to—and words that do […]